Routing [verb]

Definition of Routing:

defeat overwhelmingly

Synonyms of Routing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Routing:

Sentence/Example of Routing:

Mrs. Austen, after routing the boy, had lowered her glasses.

"This was a routing station for key Nathian families," he said.

She fights to the last, invincible; gathering in the spoils and only routing her friends?

He heard the cows "routing," or bellowing, and the women screaming.

Ted and Art are routing out some provisions from the groceries and such.

Spinoza was born here, in 1632, after the routing of the Spanish forces.

It struck Van in the head, routing further possibility of sleep.

Quick was the routing of these fresh forces; not one was to escape alive!

They do most of the prep in the vans and use a lot of predictive math in their routing.

To my sister's in Jamaica, but it's no time to be routing them out at this hour.