Rover [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Rover:

He has always been a rover, often tried to settle down but could not.

"I will venture a rover with you, or try long-butts or hoyles," said old Johnston.

"Lay along, Rover," I muttered, preparing for another snooze.

If he said he was a “Rover,” they claimed to be “Hounds,” and pounded him.

"I'd like to bring one of them down," said the oldest Rover boy.

Oh, I haven't the least doubt but what Rover and Baxter are guilty!

Are you quite sure you don't want to mention any names, Rover?

"No; I can face the music alone," answered the oldest Rover boy.

"I think we Rover boys were more to blame than the others," put in Fred.

"That is false, Glutts, and you know it," retorted the oldest Rover boy.