Rowboat [noun]

Definition of Rowboat:

a ship

Synonyms of Rowboat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rowboat:


Sentence/Example of Rowboat:

Caradoc made no answer, but stared after the rowboat which was just rounding into the tug.

Farther down is a rowboat, in which they start out on the lake.

Next fellow that owned her ran down a rowboat and drowned a boy.

"I'll get at it to-morrow," and with that he swung out into the lake, towing his rowboat after him.

Just fasten your boat to the other rowboat and I'll tow you.

The boys shoved the rowboat from the creek to the river and leaped in.

And then he raised his voice as the rowboat shot into the bay.

On and on the rowboat sped, until about a quarter of a mile had been covered.

The rowboat was at last under way, but making slow progress.

She was thrust into the rowboat with a faithful old Norman nurse.