Royalist [noun]

Definition of Royalist:

person who is politically conservative

Synonyms of Royalist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Royalist:

Sentence/Example of Royalist:

All the convent was royalist, and Henri V. was their recognised sovereign.

He may be a Republican, and he must uphold with warmth and conviction Royalist theories.

Marked ye not that he claimed to have been the last Royalist who drew sword in England?

Sir Matthew Hale, as most of our readers must be aware, was a devoted Royalist.

Wilson—that was his name in those days—was a Royalist when I encountered him.

We shall join them with our captive, and thus convey him to the Royalist General.

He was a Royalist, like me; his sympathies are like my own, so are his present necessities.

Temper your royalist zeal with a seeming regard for your personal safety.

The mayor, too, was a royalist, and the matter was decided against us.

It was talked about from a royalist point of view with a kind of respect.