Royals [noun]

Definition of Royals:

historically, person who ruled an area

Synonyms of Royals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Royals:

Sentence/Example of Royals:

They were to set the topsails first, then the other sails up to the royals.

“Better get the skysails and royals off,” Margaret said in my ear.

With considerable Spade strength, however, two Royals should be declared.

She had royals set, and studding-sails below and aloft on either side.

The corvette had handed her royals, presently she took in her topgallant sails.

He became an ensign of the Royals and married not long p. 60after.

We had only just before seen his royals dipping beneath the horizon.

Some of the crew were aloft setting the top-gallant-sails and royals.

The stunsails were first got in, then the royals and topgallant-sails.

There was a crush of people at the entrance to see the royals make their exit.