Royalty [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Royalty:

There was something that is supposed to be the prerogative of royalty in the lift of it.

She is said to have written some books which brought her fame and royalty.

That's four million, and I should take a royalty of four shillings on wholesale orders.

I am obliged to use the most of it on the royalty statements you send me.

Mr. Jameson summoned the representative of royalty and spoke to him in a low tone.

I have my royalty money, you know, most of it, and I have this order for the series of stories.

As in modern Germany, a touch of that involved in the system of royalty.

It was truly, as De Noe described, like the passage of royalty.

The royalty of his powers he saw by degrees torn from his decaying form.

I might for royalty, sir; but not for such people as I read of in that list there.