Rubberneck [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Rubberneck:

The Rubberneck coach lingered, out of respect for its patrons.

The paid guides and the "rubberneck wagons" have completed the ruin.

Women ought to have everything they own fastened to them with rubberneck elastics.

The most popular slang expression of the day is "to rubberneck," or, more concisely, "to rubber."

Drivers of passing cars slowed down to rubberneck, and a few shouted filthy, vengeful things at them.

No, I think Ill take those few days off and do a rubberneck trip around Manhattan.

A detective saw you on the Rubberneck up at Central Park and 'phoned down to take you in.

And now in the broad, quiet avenue in front of the Rubberneck car a man in dark clothes stood with uplifted hand.

To show general scorn, the bird revolved on one claw round and round his swing; he looked dangerous, repeating, "Rubberneck."