Rubbery [adjective]

Definition of Rubbery:

bouncy, flexible

Synonyms of Rubbery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rubbery:

Sentence/Example of Rubbery:

It was heavy, rubbery, and elastic, stretching readily as he pulled it.

Well there's only one answer to that: the rubbery resilience of the surface.

His head whirled, his arms and legs were suddenly weak and rubbery.

He tried to stand, but his legs were rubbery and he sat down quickly.

Its pale foliage had something of the rubbery look of seaweed.

Dry cheeses are usually harsh, tough and rubbery in texture.

Hellman glared at him, but made no move toward the rubbery block.

In the corner, the rubbery block was still giggling to itself.

The rubbery hands of the autobath were soft and massaged him gently and expertly.

In the distance, I could hear the slashing of the tail as it tore through the rubbery growth of weeds.