Rubbishy [adjective]

Definition of Rubbishy:

inferior, low in quality

Synonyms of Rubbishy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rubbishy:

Sentence/Example of Rubbishy:

If she was too fond of her rubbishy children she couldn't help it.

And it was the pokiest, most rubbishy, lackadaisical village I ever saw.

Why will you not rather translate me than your rubbishy authors?

He fixed up all the rubbishy evidence to mislead the investigators.

If she was too fond of her rubbishy children, she couldn't help it.

At this rubbishy speech, the tears, for the first time, came into her eyes.

Why will he waste his time with a lot of rubbishy Latin authors?

Aye, it's love as is taking you to Twitenham with the young man's rubbishy play.

They might go home and eat their rubbishy dinner themselves!

She'd rather have it than your rubbishy peppermints, I can tell you.