Rubes [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Rubes:

I wonder if Rube's first wife's mother has come from Moderation?

Albert's private appraisal of "Issy" was that the latter was another funny Rube.

But Penrhyn could borrow a rube outfit and escape from a farm.

He knew how to pin a Rube against the Wall and make him say "Yes."

"Daddy gived me to Uncle Rube," was her only explanation of her being there.

We were away before daylight, and I never saw Uncle Rube again.

It was only the untiring care of Rube and his wife, and Seth, that pulled her through.

Rube sprang to his feet, and his 179 hands went to the guns at his waist.

Rube dropped back into his chair, and his eyes were questioning.

Rube raised one great hand and drew her face to his and kissed her.