Rubies [noun]

Definition of Rubies:

color of blood; shade resembling such a color

Synonyms of Rubies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rubies:


Sentence/Example of Rubies:

He had gold and silver, diamonds and rubies, riches of every kind.

A necklace of rubies, the best they have, one that will cost at least twenty thousand marks.

But he was not sure whether the English liked diamonds and rubies on a man.

"Martin's," said his mother, to whom they were precious as rubies.

There must be half a ton of diamonds, rubies and emeralds aboard.

Some of the walls were to be of rubies, some of emeralds, some of pearls.

Très chère, I have left for you the bracelet with the rubies; it is on your toilet-table.

It could only be compared to strings of diamonds, rubies and pearls.

And if he took the coals he was to live, and if he took the rubies he was to die.

He dropped a double handful of rubies, sapphires and diamonds at Barber's feet.