Rucksack [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Rucksack:

Had only my rucksack, left rest of my stuff at coll., to be forwarded later.

As Sweet was the only man with a rucksack, we three had to make our own.

Helen and Miss Jardine got up when he came in and put the rucksack on the table.

He even hit on the shop in which you bought your rucksack and alpenstock.

He wished he had both these books in his rucksack, but as he had not, he decided he would hunt for them in Chichester.

He packed everything into the rucksack and added a package of coffee, one of tea, some salt and a few miscellaneous items.

"We ought to be able to get a fixed rope easier than that," Hjalmar said, and took one of the spares from his rucksack.

We thought of—I thought of having lunch in the hotel, but, of course, you can have my rucksack to carry yours in.

On a sudden, while I was still fumbling for my poncho which was rolled inside my rucksack, the storm burst upon us.

He carried two English ration bags, besides his own rucksack, and they were all filled to bursting with loot.