Rudely [adverb]

Definition of Rudely:


Opposite/Antonyms of Rudely:

Sentence/Example of Rudely:

Viviette followed him, but he turned on her rudely and thrust her back.

Much against my liking, I assure you, said my brother, rudely interrupting her.

But they repulsed him rudely, and treated his suggestion with contempt.

"Give them to me," he snapped, rudely snatching the bundle of documents from her hand.

And this apparently has been your reward—to be rudely shut out at last.

Rudely worded though it is, I had seen it to be sound in spirit.

The fellow's story was rudely told, but our questions supplemented his narrative.

The voice of the young dentist dragged him rudely from the depth of his resignation.

Evie was in the balcony, "staring most rudely," according to Mrs. Munt.

He seized me now by the collar and dragged me rudely to my feet.