Rue [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Rue:

I assure you that now they are at the corner of the Rue Magloire.

Her room was on the Rue des Orfevres, only three doors away from the Huberts.

I may rue my opposition as long as I live, for aught she knows.

I took a pretty flat on the first floor of a house in the Rue de Rome.

I had no suspicion then how momentous they were, but afterwards I had occasion to rue them.

Among many old-wife recipes for the cure of warts is the use of rue.

After drawing breath, Claude retraced his steps to the Rue de Seine.

If he had lunched at his father's, in the Rue Vieille-du-Temple, he must certainly still be there.

At once he walked towards the Rue du Four, where the studio was situated.

In less than twenty minutes he was in the Rue d'Enfer, at Sandoz's.