Rugs [noun]

Definition of Rugs:


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Sentence/Example of Rugs:

He had the air of laying at her feet, as a rug, the whole glorious history of France.

"There it goes now," cried the child, jumping up from the rug.

And on that rug was a fine representation of Mars, the god of war.

She stepped off the rug, went to the "express office," and took a card from the desk.

I thought you might look for a rug, but I'd rather go with you to select it.

I buried my head under the miserable sheet and rug, and cried like a child!

Wentworth was alone, standing on the rug, with his back to the fire as she entered.

For this Mr. Goldheimer is the very landlord 137 who received the Turkish rug.

A mat was given to her for a bed, and a rug to spread over her.

He was frowning and kicking the corner of a rug with his foot.