Ruins [noun]

Definition of Ruins:

buildings that are dilapidated

Synonyms of Ruins:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ruins:

Sentence/Example of Ruins:

And the sacred "ordinance," with all other proprieties, was left in ruins that day.

It was at the home of the Lemballeuse, the family who lived in the ruins of the mill.

He leaves no permanent monument, no ruins of former greatness.

But for some reason this town, also, died and left the ruins alone.

There they sprouted and grew, and at last flowers and grass covered the ruins.

Yet these are nearly all in ruins and children play in them.

In the neighbourhood of many of our villages stand the ruins of an old monastery.

Silence and darkness fell upon the ruins of his love and his faith.

But suddenly he started: two carabiniers had just appeared among the ruins.

And it was himself, his soul and his brain, which lay among the ruins.