Rumbling [verb]

Definition of Rumbling:

growl, thunder

Synonyms of Rumbling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rumbling:


Sentence/Example of Rumbling:

In the next room the voices of the four were a steady, rumbling murmur.

The thunder was not loud, but it kept up a continuous muttering and rumbling.

The train was rumbling slowly along, the night darkening down.

All one spring-time their love thus filled Goujet with the rumbling of a storm.

Rumbling in his ears was the sound of the blast that had overwhelmed him.

"Hit haint nothin' et all, Smiles," Big Jerry was rumbling forth.

There was a rumbling of guns a long way to north of us, and that was all.

Polter ripped out a startled, rumbling curse and sat upright.

Far off in the drumming downpour of the rain there was a rumbling sound.

He swung along rapidly, rumbling the low call in his throat.