Rumblings [noun]

Definition of Rumblings:

growl, reverberation

Synonyms of Rumblings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rumblings:


Sentence/Example of Rumblings:

Snow was still falling, and there were some rumblings of thunder.

The rumblings you have heard were not made entirely by our enemies.

The rumblings of the electron had increased with each passing week.

But for the rumblings of applause that reached him he could hardly have endured the situation.

The first rumblings of the American Revolution had reached Quebec.

There were no tremors, no rumblings from the hidden furnace, only the flare of its stoking.

Like the rumblings of a storm, cannon was heard rolling on the pavement.

Their rumblings on localisms were to be heard even before we landed.

There are sounds as of a rushing wind and crashes and rumblings.

I have heard them rumblings myself, but I laid em to the waterfall.