Rumen [noun]

Definition of Rumen:

ruminant food

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Sentence/Example of Rumen:

The danger of jumping or running is greatest when the rumen is distended with food.

The rumen or first stomach of the camels and llamas is provided with so-called “water-cells,” for the storage of water.

In den Rumen hatten unsre Leute bereits wie die Vandalen gehaust.

When the distention is great, the blood is prevented from circulating in the vessels of the rumen, and is determined to the head.

If a portion of the contents of the rumen escape into the abdomen, the case will be aggravated by the occurrence of peritonitis.

Sometimes this accident is complicated by a rupture of the rumen, constituting a complicated hernia.

The operation should be performed in severe cases only, where the rumen is excessively overloaded and distended.

The opening is increased in size until the operator's hand can be inserted into the rumen.