Ruminant [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Ruminant:

And, contrariwise, there is tripe—“the stomach of the ox or of some other ruminant.”

It is a ruminant, or an animal which has three or four stomachs.

While they were talking, William Sanders came up, chewing like a ruminant.

I believe that no other ruminant is harder to kill outright.

This is the paunch, or first portion of the ruminant stomach of the ox.

It was that of a steady grinding of a ruminant animal feeding.

Australia has no apes, monkeys or baboons, and no ruminant beasts.

His mouth moves sideways like that of a ruminant; you would imagine he was masticating a piece of tough steak.

From the same stratum, also, they drew up the lower half of the humerus of a ruminant, at first referred to a hyæna.

These compartments are quite different, however, from those seen in a Ruminant's stomach, such as that of the Ox.