Ruminating [verb]

Definition of Ruminating:

think about seriously

Synonyms of Ruminating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ruminating:

Sentence/Example of Ruminating:

Hardly a wink have I slept, ruminating upon the approaching interview.

Ruminating on this strange chance and strange glimpse, he turned into the court-yard.

He had been ruminating on Gubblum's observation about the swine ring.

Carrington, who had been ruminating with a puzzled face, now voiced his difficulty.

The sheep were lying in a group, ruminating, as is their habit, by night.

In some of these it is the only ruminating animal, of any considerable size, to be met with.

In his cell, James Turner laid himself on his cot, ruminating.

After a half hour of smoking and ruminating, I came to a conclusion.

You can stroll into the churchyard, and move about as if you were ruminating on the epitaphs.

For a moment he appeared to be ruminating on this singular phenomenon.