Rumination [noun]

Definition of Rumination:


Opposite/Antonyms of Rumination:

Sentence/Example of Rumination:

But Barbara did not flinch; and her mother relapsed into rumination.

A shiver, and a return beneath the blankets for five minutes' rumination.

Food is taken only in small quantities and rumination is stopped.

James was seated in the buggy outside, engaged in rumination.

His also was a “melancholy of his own,” a “humorous sadness in which his often rumination wrapt him.”

Complete dilatation is sometimes indicated by long addiction to habits of rumination.

That rumination on this problem by no means ended here, is shown by the occasional ideas conceived during the following weeks.

Thus you find that all animals having horns, have also a structure of stomach fit for rumination, and teeth upon one jaw only.

You know, therefore, what is the cause that oxen and sheep have a structure of stomach fit for rumination.

In some instances this rumination is an agreeable sensuous process.