Rumored [adjective]

Definition of Rumored:


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Sentence/Example of Rumored:

It was rumored that a statue by him had been exhibited in New York.

It was rumored, sir, that she admired me for my Manly Shape.

We had heard it rumored that there were some suitors for Mammy's hand.

It was rumored that there lay the ultimate proof of Anglo-Saxon ascendancy.

It was rumored that the rebels were in force at Frederick City.

It is rumored here that the Russian ambassador is no stranger to this rupture.'

It was rumored that a marriage had been arranged between these young people.

The Nansalians were fearful of the consequences of the weapon that the Satorians were rumored to have.

It was rumored the latter was taking to liquor, and she was blamed for it.

It was rumored that Savary had been sent to propose to Alexander a meeting with Napoleon.