Rump [noun]

Definition of Rump:

bottom, posterior of animal or human

Synonyms of Rump:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rump:


Sentence/Example of Rump:

Take a rump of beef, or about eight pounds of the brisket, and stew it till it is quite tender, in as much water as will cover it.

When legs are set shake and carefully pull skin of rump into place.

Well hold it tight, your honour, for if it goes off it might kick me with its rump.

The Miller brand, a plain Block, showed now and then upon the rump of some animal.

Subrosa kicked at the trace and flipped it up so that it struck him smartly on the rump.

It is known by its rounded horns and the patch of yellowish-white on the rump and tail.

The middle of the loin is the next best, and the rump the next.

You might heave your rump up half a foot, but for lashing out—oho!

Take four or five pounds of the middle of the rump, the flank or the round.

Ye ride sae near the rump, ye'll let nane loup on ahint you.