Rumpled [verb]

Definition of Rumpled:

crush, wrinkle

Synonyms of Rumpled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rumpled:

Sentence/Example of Rumpled:

"Take it," said Olivo to Teresina, smoothing her rumpled hair.

She might have rumpled or soiled it, and so feared discovery.

There was little to be seen of Meg save her rumpled, hatless head.

All was there, not a leaf missing, though some rumpled and soiled.

The little maid smoothed the rumpled feathers this way and that.

He changed his rumpled attire and wandered despondently to the street.

Then she put her hands to her face, her fingers making a rumpled mess of her hair.

There she lay at the end of her tether, with extended wings, bitten and rumpled.

He rumpled his hair wildly, "'Orrid obstinate these goddesses are," he thought.

The coachman lifted his rumpled head and stared at her with bloodshot eyes.