Runaway [adjective]

Definition of Runaway:

out of control

Synonyms of Runaway:

Opposite/Antonyms of Runaway:

Sentence/Example of Runaway:

The peculiar feelings one has who is a "runaway" are indescribable.

Neither was hurt, but it was the woman who pursued the runaway horse.

But I took you for a youngster, you know, a regular ten-year-old runaway.

A man may arrest his own slave, and he may also imprison for safe-keeping the runaway slave of a friend.

To-morrow morning I'll be searching all over the house for my runaway.

That was just like my runaway, all innocent acting and make-believe.

Captain Zelotes made no attempt to follow the runaway couple.

Did you not gather that this was not only a runaway match, but a clandestine one?

It is made up of local scalawags and runaway rebels from Kentucky and Tennessee.

All this runaway shrubbery looked, in a way of speaking, inpenetrable.