Runic [adjective]

Definition of Runic:

bewitching, charming

Opposite/Antonyms of Runic:

Sentence/Example of Runic:

Translated in Percy's Runic Poetry , p. 27, and often since.

On the other sides are runic inscriptions in 77 lines at least.

It is trilingual--viz., Chinese, Uighur, and runic or Yenissei characters.

But is it not strange that the runic characters are in so many places in this castle?

He is the god of song and of war, and was the inventor of the Runic characters, or alphabet.

Runic writings, the most valuable in the world, are collected here.

There is a Runic stone on the castle brae which I am going to copy.

The back is decorated with the trumpet pattern, and engraved with Runic characters.

There is now no question as to the actual origin of the Runic alphabets.

He is a divine legislator, cunning in Runic lore, and the creator of mankind.