Runty [adjective]

Definition of Runty:

not tall

Synonyms of Runty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Runty:

Sentence/Example of Runty:

And her dog, a runty little French bull, was sleepin' on the rug beside the couch.

"You said short stripe," said the indignant buyer, pointing the finger of scorn at the runty little skin.

Why should the son of a mountain need affirmation from runty Portugees with pencil stubs behind their ears and scarred fingers?

The dusk gathering under the pepper trees along the sidewalk absorbed his runty but swaggering shape.

These dogies were ever afterwards unmistakable in appearance, and remained stunted, "runty" little animals of no value.

Runty took the chair, and in a few earnest and well-chosen words, he dispatched the Ossified Man for a pitcher of beer.

Three such smilin' faces as yours turned right up at him would produce a shadder, Runty.

Now, Runty, you fellows hurry up to your headquarters, so's to be there when the reporters come.

There is a bunch of laurels right over there—those glossy-leaved, runty sort of trees.

"You won't always be runty, Grunty, if you eat a plenty," Mrs. Pig often told him.