Rushed [adjective]

Definition of Rushed:


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Sentence/Example of Rushed:

Robert hurried home, and rushed into the kitchen where his mother was at work.

The Greeks rushed to the rescue, while all Europe held aloof.

If we're rushed, and have to make a quick get-away, see that Mary has the first chance.

They ran the herds into a piskunebelow a bluff, over which they rushed and were killed.

Linda rushed into the house and carried her belongings to her workroom.

Then two at a time she rushed the stairs in a race for her room.

Linda rushed to the boulder and knelt again, but she could get no response to her questions.

Cyrus opened his weak mouth to ask an explanation, but Gussie rushed in.

I murmured, and turning once more from her, rushed away like one crazed into the wood.

On I rushed with the rest, hatless, and as in a cloud of fury.