Russet [adjective]

Definition of Russet:

coppery-brown color

Synonyms of Russet:

Opposite/Antonyms of Russet:


Sentence/Example of Russet:

The russet of oranges is caused by the bite of an insect on the skin.

Thou whom chance may hither lead, Be thou clad in russet weed, etc.

Down an aisle of the woods, deep in russet leaves, appeared a grey figure.

The St. Bernard laid his silver and russet head on her skirt.

Tertiary Colours are three only, citrine, russet, and olive.

Inside was an elderly lady, and in her arms was a russet Pekingese.

They look smart in their brand-new uniforms and russet boots.

The russet was intended for their best dresses; the serge for common.

The fields were all russet and amber with an abundance of corn.

And the corn has turned a russet yellow and looks like the tents of an army.