Rustic [adjective]

Definition of Rustic:

country, rural

Synonyms of Rustic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Rustic:

Sentence/Example of Rustic:

Why else should they wander together in the woods, or be so lost in talk by rustic streams?

And presently the rustic young gamester is tossing somersets for a penny.

"I could play lovers a deal better," said the rustic cherub.

I found at the inn a young maid who spoke a sort of rustic Italian.

And there were, about her, other suggestions of a rustic and homely nature.

Her "Rustic Lays" appeared in 1855, in an elegant little volume.

Doubtless this man followed along the shore and saw them at the rustic seat.

I deal, and love to deal, with the rustic exceptional, the village notable and wiseacre.

So Amanda inquired of the landlady if such a rustic cot could be found.

There was a rustic simplicity about the whole scene that charmed me.