Ruts [noun]

Definition of Ruts:

groove, indentation

Synonyms of Ruts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ruts:

Sentence/Example of Ruts:

The business man gets into a rut, and often does not look beyond it.

Rut they were all accompanied with an ineffable dignity, and an angelic purity.

Once he thought Corinne hit a rut that could have been avoided.

You see, I came on the coach as far as Bayport and then we lost a wheel in a rut.

Yet at least it served to raise our daily lives out of the rut of commonplace.

Prince Arthur could not lift it out of the rut, nor Grandolph either.

However, you got the car out of the rut, so perhaps we can proceed on our way now.

Contentment—in a rut—that may be the best way of passing this life, after all.

The younger worker may think the older worker stodgy and in a rut.

The horse stumbled in a rut, then swerved aside, and broke into a gallop.