Rutted [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Rutted:

The main road was north and south, winding and twisting its rutted, sandy way.

But the rutted, rocky road begins at once to excite suspicion.

It is rutted with wheels and trodden down by the feet of many adventurers.

He turned off the blacktop and started down the rutted path.

At 39 m. is the junction with a dirt road, rutted and winding; not suitable for trailers.

After a while they left the houses behind and turned into a dusty, rutted track.

The roads were not rutted at all, for they were full of firm snow.

The road was only a wide, rutted cow-path on the side of the hill.

We were riding now up the stony and rutted lane which led from the ford.

Blazing sunshine beat down upon the rutted street, and an unpleasant gritty dust blew along it.