Sabot [noun]

Definition of Sabot:

round object

Synonyms of Sabot:

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Sentence/Example of Sabot:

Toward that end, the sabot or "shoe" (fig. 41) took the place of the wad.

The sabot was a wooden disk about the same diameter as the shot.

They wear wooden clogs, a sort of sabot, and make such a noise.

When Sabot entered the inn at Martinville it was a signal for laughter.

"I do not say—I do not say; perhaps we might come to an understanding," faltered Sabot.

I had not been as fortunate as some detectives, for there was no evidence that the straws had ever been used in a sabot at all.

The round shot should be sewed up in canvas or felt, strapped to a sabot, or snaked between two grommet-wads.

Several sorts of wood supply the material of which boots are made (the sabot in France and Holland).

Some German machine guns stood their ground in the wood of Sabot and contributed to the resistance of the enemy.

Sabot (Theodule), a master carpenter, represented liberal thought in Martinville.