Sac [noun]

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The spores are inclosed in these sacs, usually eight in a sac.

This sac later divides into two, and develops into the lungs of the animal.

The Serpent is converted into a sac, holding up the rain-waters.

If the sac then is not to be opened, the rest of the operation is very simple.

It is not at all necessary in every case to open the sac of the peritoneum.

If the sac is to be opened, how can it be done with least danger to the bowel?

If I remember rightly, he said to me: 'I was born in this Sac village.

The Sac chiefs, cowed, requested the renewal of the council.

The Sac and Fox were also the early neighbors of the whites in this county.

I see no difference between an Ojebway, and a Sac, or a Sioux.