Sacked [verb]

Definition of Sacked:

remove from position of responsibility

Synonyms of Sacked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sacked:

Sentence/Example of Sacked:

People of all ranks and creeds are flying from the town, which is sacked from end to end.

They have sacked it, defiled it, destroyed it; but what does that matter!

The village had been sacked by the Sultan's army, and its inhabitants had fled to the mountains.

Rome was taken and sacked by the Constable de Bourbon in 1527.

On either side of them were walls of sacked flour and other grain.

It was in the Winter Palace which, before it was sacked, was a palace.

But we rode through a silent village that might have been just sacked by the French.

It was him that sacked me without a character on the word of a lying corn-chandler.

Whilst returning to the junks, they sacked the village and set fire to the huts.

The imperial city of Rhey was surprised in the night, sacked, and burnt to the ground.