Sacking [verb]

Definition of Sacking:

remove from position of responsibility

Synonyms of Sacking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sacking:

Sentence/Example of Sacking:

I had it at the sacking of Issodun, and the King himself hath not such a bed.

I wish I had the sacking of your town; I would repay you, my children!'

I would not for the sacking of London go through with it again.'

The sacking with which he was covered, and his legs, were thickly covered with snow.

I know he was thinking of sacking one of the subs, and he might take you on.

As he jerked to clear it from the sacking, I glanced at little Miss Wallace.

The Scandinavians move about at their ease, sacking London and the other towns.

He took part in the sacking of Quiloa, and in all the events of that campaign.

And in that minute Quentin lifted the sacking, and looked out.

Be this as it may, the sacking of Colchester was a terrible business.