Sacramental [adjective]

Definition of Sacramental:

holy, blessed

Synonyms of Sacramental:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sacramental:

Sentence/Example of Sacramental:

There is nothing hard to that Christian, that doth rightly remember Christ Sacramental.

Confession made to a layman, in default of a priest, is in some sort sacramental.

All this seemed to be a sweet commentary on the text, and a most suitable forerunner of our intended sacramental service.

This ordinary presence became an efficacious sacramental Presence owing to the promise of God.

Mr. Tilton does drink wine upon sacramental and other proper occasions.

Many needed Sacramental Confession; all needed God's blessing.

She knelt on the hearth rug watching him adoringly as if he were a hierophant eating sacramental wafer.

They can give such sacramental kisses as the one that still lay on his lips, committing him for ever to nobility.

And so through Sacramental elements and acts Christianity maintains its strong inclusive hold upon the whole of life.

All nature is in some sense sacramental, but the age takes it only as an empty sign signifying nothing.