Sacrificing [verb]

Definition of Sacrificing:

give up, let go

Synonyms of Sacrificing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Sacrificing:

Sentence/Example of Sacrificing:

A sacrificing priest can be seen in this and the last named instances.

I answered that I was sacrificing my own pleasure for the sake of the happiness of a friend.

And I was happy then even in sacrificing my happiness with Maurice.

One might have thought him some old Roman sacrificing his family on the altar of his country.

No, I can't save myself by sacrificing a brother soldier for humanity.

Do you mean that they are a sort of science of praying and sacrificing?

Meanwhile Mindarus, while sacrificing to Athena at Ilium, had observed the battle.

Sacrificing with a view to departure, the victims proved unfavourable to them.

But what is she sacrificing in order to obtain this triumph of the trader?

At such times, too, when men were sacrificing themselves to ideas.