Sacrilegious [adjective]

Definition of Sacrilegious:


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Sentence/Example of Sacrilegious:

I am through with the sacrilegious beast as soon as he is dead.

For it is impossible, as well as sacrilegious, to be as quick as Baedeker.

Such a thing would have been horrible, revolting, sacrilegious.

Their eyes, dilating with horror, followed his sacrilegious hand.

What miscreant hero had dared perform this sacrilegious exploit?

Are these the laws that it is natural to love, and sacrilegious to invade?

"The death of the sacrilegious, my friends," replied Paganel.

This does not imply that it is irreligious, nor unreligious, nor sacrilegious.

First, she tells him that she is "unhappy at home," has a sacrilegious husband most likely.

The vow of poverty did not escape from the sacrilegious mirth.