Saddened [verb]

Definition of Saddened:

upset, depress

Synonyms of Saddened:

Opposite/Antonyms of Saddened:

Sentence/Example of Saddened:

The country was saddened, moreover, with grievous sicknesses.

"I have not said you were not right, Douw," she answered, with saddened slowness.

And why should he have saddened her by his doubts, since he was so desirous of her cure?

I felt upset and saddened, so sad that I imagined everything was over for me.

But it has saddened me to think that you did not deem me worthy of a closer confidence.

It saddened them as if it had been a member of the household.

But you—you must not stay here too long, you must not be saddened by an old woman's moods.

The sight of the old place had awakened memories which saddened him.

The thought made him feel a little better, but it saddened him, too, just a bit.

This it was that saddened the souls of the two children with a gloom which no sunshine could dispel.