Saddening [verb]

Definition of Saddening:

upset, depress

Synonyms of Saddening:

Opposite/Antonyms of Saddening:

Sentence/Example of Saddening:

It is a sad mistake that religion is depressing and saddening to youth.

It is much used as a "saddening" agent; that is, for darkening other colours.

She could think of but one answer to it; this saddening enough.

All around had assumed a saddening aspect in the vacillating moonbeams.

“The riddle of the world” had its saddening aspects for him, as it has for all earnest souls.

It must be saddening to a great man to reflect that the schoolboys have no respect for him.

A saddening thought, but true, as many a good woman has found to her cost.

The effect of the whole is exceedingly beautiful, chaste, and saddening.

Its associations to many were pleasant, to others, saddening.

He sighed, as if the reminiscence of past times was pleasing but saddening.