Saddle [noun]

Definition of Saddle:

seat on horse

Synonyms of Saddle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Saddle:


Sentence/Example of Saddle:

Stephen caught the bridle, and Ambrose helped the burgess into the saddle.

He leaned over the saddle and spurred the pinto into his racing gait.

Andy turned in the saddle and grinned back at the followers.

Then, still softly and swiftly, he lifted the saddle from its peg and put it on its back.

"Give me three minutes to get my saddle on my horse and out of town," said Andrew.

He slouched slightly in his gait, like the heavy man accustomed to the saddle.

But Andrew flung himself out of the saddle and came to them sadly.

One day later he was in the saddle again, and Sally was herself once more.

But Allister slid out of his saddle and Dozier stayed in his.

In an instant he was in his saddle and spurring down the valley.