Saddlebag [noun]

Definition of Saddlebag:

container for one's possesions

Synonyms of Saddlebag:

Opposite/Antonyms of Saddlebag:


Sentence/Example of Saddlebag:

One of them ran to his horse and brought a bottle from his saddlebag.

He stuffed the little bundle of beef and biscuit into one saddlebag.

It was a long climb; the sacks of coins in the saddlebag on his back weighed him down.

Noticing that the other saddlebag bulged suspiciously, Jim opened it.

Cosimo had begun to wander up and down among the saddlebag chairs.

There was a saddlebag with spanner and oilcan, but no clue as to the owner.

He helped her repack the sandwiches and returned them to her saddlebag.

Now, Ibrahim, put the things into the saddlebag, and then we shall be ready.

And then Larry la Roche went down the line with a saddlebag and took up the collection.

Andrew suggested that Larry produce the contents of his saddlebag and share the spoils of war.