Saddled [adjective]

Definition of Saddled:


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Sentence/Example of Saddled:

Saddled up and reached camp at eleven o'clock, and found all well.

The horse was saddled and bridled; the groom held the stirrup, and up I got.

Tulp had also been aroused, and saddled my horse while I dressed, in response to the summons.

These were all saddled, bridled, and magnificently caparisoned.

They were saddled with neither the indifference nor the restlessness of the modern intellect.

I ordered the horses to be saddled, dressed myself, and ran down to the baths.

He caught and saddled his horse, taking his time to the operation.

The foundation is made of moss plastered into a mass and saddled on a limb.

This excited Cullingworth, and he ordered the creature to be saddled and brought round.

The wild cowpuncher had saddled his mare for him, and the friendliness of the act pleased him.