Sadism [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Sadism:

Certain reminiscences of sadism are common both in man and woman.

This is so to speak an inversion of sadism as regards cause and effect.

The journal in question attributes with good reason this fantasy to sadism.

It is a dysgenic factor but much less important than sadism.

And it was here that I detected a trace of sadism in my lovely wife.

In fact, if it did not admit of sacrilege, sadism would have no reason for existence.

There is some difference of opinion as to how "sadism" may be best defined.

The roots of active algolagnia, sadism, can be readily demonstrable in the normal.

Sadism, as we know, played a prominent part in both the French and Russian revolutions.

What has come to be called "Sadism" is an instance of this aberration of an innocent impulse.