Sadly [adverb]

Definition of Sadly:


Synonyms of Sadly:

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Sentence/Example of Sadly:

But Andrew flung himself out of the saddle and came to them sadly.

Mrs. Weston sadly missed her young friend after his departure.

"I have only my fiddle in the world, and I cannot give that away," he said sadly, after thinking a while.

They both stood side by side, looking at her earnestly and sadly.

She has been sadly neglected, however, and her mother ought to remember it.

Napoleon heard all of these discussions, and was sadly aware of the poverty of his home.

Uncle Matthew had spoken so sadly and so longingly that John had deeply pitied him.

"Yes, they are singing of the prince in the cathedral," said Barbara, sadly.

Wotan stepped aside and sadly bowed his head upon his breast.

You must not talk so sadly—you are young yet—younger than I am—I don't think of dying.