Safeguarded [verb]

Definition of Safeguarded:


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Sentence/Example of Safeguarded:

And the succession could be safeguarded by marrying Steven and Myrna.

In addition, however, it will be safeguarded in the following manner.

T was Friday, the day he always came, if (so she safeguarded it) he was to come at all.

His mother must be safeguarded and her comfort looked after during his absence.

I, as a servant of the King, have to see that all Crown-property is safeguarded.

Had not these children rights which ought to have been safeguarded?

The Sultan, too, had to be safeguarded from untimely revelations.

But he had not safeguarded the interest of any washing machine in his window.

The patient must be safeguarded against irritation and strain.

Yes,” I said, “but consider, must not the safety of society be safeguarded by some punishment?