Safeguarding [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Safeguarding:

In both Bills there was a safeguarding clause as well as an excluding clause.

The safeguarding clause also grew considerably between 1886 and 1893.

But I shall not let that stand in the way of safeguarding the reputation of my nephew's secretary.

The bank commission is the eye of the public, safeguarding the public welfare.

It will be a preparedness which enlists labor, by safeguarding wages and hours.

A million and a half for the safeguarding prisoners and wounded.

After the departure of this strong force, began our discussions as to the safeguarding of our gold.

The subject of my text today is "Safeguarding the Property of the People."

There was no attempt to reduce the number of widows by safeguarding the lives of their husbands.

Why, then, was he so ready now to devote his energies to the safeguarding of Helen Wynton?