Safekeeping [noun]

Definition of Safekeeping:


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Sentence/Example of Safekeeping:

These he put for safekeeping in the hands of one of the Spaniards with whom he lived.

They will not need to build a new wing to the jail for his safekeeping.

They made their way to the cellar, a precaution as to the safekeeping of the prisoners.

Here it was placed for safekeeping with the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Juno had left these apples with the Hesperides for safekeeping.

So they thought he might have sent the new will to you for safekeeping.

The dinner-pails had been given for safekeeping into the hands of the teacher.

I scarcely know; odds and ends put there for safekeeping, I suppose.

One leaves a mark with you for safekeeping and pays you a penny the year to guard it.

I got that word from Professor Green, which I put down in my notebook for safekeeping.